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BASSMA - Easter Ramadan Foodathon 2022

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During these hard times, we are going through, solidarity is what matters the most.

Together, hand in hand, we can make families smile again!


All employees and administration can participate by donating one or more food and hygiene
item(s) during this holy period of the year, to help families celebrate Easter and Ramadan
properly with their children.
✔️ Launching date: Tuesday, 15 March 2022
❌ Closing date: Friday, 29 April 2022
These dates include Ramadan dates, as well as Catholics/Orthodoxies Easter dates.
Food and hygiene items will be collected within boxes in the premise of the banks/companies, in
the main hall(s) and on the administration floors.
Bassma’s van will pass by every week to get the collected food and hygiene items.
Afterward, Bassma’s team will be sending an inventory of the collected items to the
administration, after each collection.
For the list of food and sanitary items to be collected please check the gallery below

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